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Digital Preservation: Where to Begin

Posted by Alexander Nietzold on 10/31/15 1:52 PM

Keeping something around is a lot of work and often times a lot of luck as well. Why do we do it and how can we do it better?


You may be familiar with “reduce, reuse, recycle” in relation to waste management, but it is also relevant to the responsibilities of a library. As librarians and archivists, we are stewards of human knowledge.  Our goal is to reduce the loss of information, reuse it by providing access to patrons, and ultimately recycle it as our communities build off what came before to create new information. Every step in that process is important but for this blog post, we’re interested specifically in the first step, reducing the loss of information. In libraries and archives, we call this preservation.
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Topics: TIND IR - Institutional Repository, TIND RDM - Research Data Management

Introducing TIND

Posted by Alexander Nietzold on 6/16/15 6:00 PM




We’re a small group with big ambitions and we want to make a great impression. We care about the library’s mission but most of us have engineering and design backgrounds. While we may not sit at the reference desk or catalog new items, we think these services and the countless others offered by libraries are of great benefit not just to the patrons who are directly involved, but for all society. That’s why we’re excited to provide libraries with a product that can beat a lot of the existing tools.

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We're a small group with big ambitions wanting to make a difference in the library technology market. Be sure to come here for the latest info and news about TIND and related topics.

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