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TIND and the Goliaths of Library Automation

Posted by Kathy McCarthy on 12/2/16 8:42 AM



In an ILS market dominated by just a few heavy hitters with twenty plus years of automation experience, where does a young and zippy system like TIND find foothold? And as these few large companies continue to consume smaller vendors via mergers and acquisitions, what choices remain? These were the questions on my mind while representing TIND at the recent Internet Librarian and California Library Association conferences.


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Topics: Mission, Library Management System, Integrated Library System

Why I joined TIND: working with the “Tesla” of Library Management Systems

Posted by Kathy McCarthy on 9/14/16 7:30 PM

Kathy McCarthy joined TIND as VP of Partnership Development in September 2016, previously employed at Innovative Interfaces.


I could see right away that TIND was a completely different type of library management system. At Innovative Interfaces, there’d been a longstanding metaphor of Millennium as the Cadillac of the ILS world. Having worked there for eight years in various capacities, I was feeling ready to drive something lighter; sleeker. Less a Cadillac and more a Tesla.

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Topics: Mission, Library Management System, Integrated Library System

Introducing TIND

Posted by Alexander Nietzold on 6/16/15 6:00 PM




We’re a small group with big ambitions and we want to make a great impression. We care about the library’s mission but most of us have engineering and design backgrounds. While we may not sit at the reference desk or catalog new items, we think these services and the countless others offered by libraries are of great benefit not just to the patrons who are directly involved, but for all society. That’s why we’re excited to provide libraries with a product that can beat a lot of the existing tools.

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