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TIND Announces Author Profiles for TIND RDM and TIND IR

Released October 20, 2023

Oslo, Norway – October 20, 2023.  TIND is pleased to announce the launch of Author Profiles as the highlight of the 1.19 release. Author Profiles showcases the works of local authors in a dedicated author page and elevates the institutional repository's visibility with customizable branding. Authors create and manage their own profiles, supported, if needed, by local administration. The result is a uniform and easily navigable directory of local scholars. Author Profiles blends seamlessly into TIND’s submission dashboard workflow, providing a comprehensive tool for managing institutional content from submission to discovery.

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Other features include:

  • Create and upload an About the Author biography
  • Link to CV and ORCID profile
  • Search and link to works already held in the institutional repository
  • Add new work or link to those located outside of TIND
  • Permanent URLs for sharing in funding applications, libguides, or email
  • Tagging works to organize by resource type and contribution level
  • Share links to frequented or promoted websites of interest

With the upcoming 1.20 release, Author Profiles will include an enhanced browse page with table and list views, making profiles easily accessible through a dedicated search page within the repository. This release will also include a new reporting tab for tracking views and downloads of authors works and pages over time.
Other 1.19 Features and improvements:

Related Items and Geolocation Display [DataCite / All Products]: To meet DataCite 4.4 compliance for RDM users, new metadata display options have been introduced to link to related items from a single record and share geolocation information.
DataCite Export Format [DataCite / RDM]: TIND RDM users now have the option to export results in the DataCite format, accessible via the Detailed View, Search results, or to admins through the API.

About TIND
TIND is an official CERN spin-off providing commercial library management systems, digital preservation, and research data management solutions based on CERN open-source software. Serving academic, public, and special research libraries around the globe, TIND is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. More info at 


Download brochure for TIND IR

Download brochure for TIND RDM


Product(s): TIND IR - Institutional Repository, TIND RDM - Research Data Management