Press Releases

TIND Digital Archive has been selected by the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library

Released January 26, 2024

Warren, OH, and Oslo, Norway – January 26, 2024. The Warren-Trumbull County Public Library (WTCPL) has joined TIND’s expanding user group of public libraries by selecting the TIND Digital Archive (TIND DA). WTCPL will be migrating from Omeka. The library is looking forward to enhancing the discoverability and long-term preservation of their diverse collection of photographs, postcards, illustrations, and documents.

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TIND Launches New Video Player Feature With Automatic Transcoding

Released December 01, 2023

Oslo, Norway – December 1, 2023.  TIND introduces the first iteration of the newly developed Video Player. With automatic transcoding for unmatched playback quality and an admin dashboard for efficient content management, the player simplifies the video upload process and ensures a superior viewing experience across various file formats. This announcement underlines TIND’s dedication to institutions with significant video collections, providing a simple solution for effortlessly upload and video streaming capabilities for all end users through the TIND platform.

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TIND Announces Author Profiles for TIND RDM and TIND IR

Released October 20, 2023

Oslo, Norway – October 20, 2023.  TIND is pleased to announce the launch of Author Profiles as the highlight of the 1.19 release. Author Profiles showcases the works of local authors in a dedicated author page and elevates the institutional repository's visibility with customizable branding. Authors create and manage their own profiles, supported, if needed, by local administration. The result is a uniform and easily navigable directory of local scholars. Author Profiles blends seamlessly into TIND’s submission dashboard workflow, providing a comprehensive tool for managing institutional content from submission to discovery.

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The World Food Program goes live on TIND IR

Released October 06, 2023

Rome, Italy and Oslo, Norway – October 6, 2023.  TIND is happy to announce the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has officially launched TIND IR, building on their existing TIND ILS platform. WFP`s move from Virtua ILS to TIND represents not only a change of systems but a leap forward in efficiency, accessibility, and ease of use for both staff and end-users. TIND IR and ILS within the same platform marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of WFP’s technological infrastructure, providing essential discovery and management tools for their print and digital footprint. 

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CIF Southern Section goes live on TIND Digital Archive

Released September 08, 2023

Los Alamitos, CA, and Oslo, Norway – September 8, 2023. TIND is pleased to announce the official launch of the digital history archive for the California Interscholastic Federation-Southern Section (CIF-SS). The platform will serve as a central repository capturing over 110 years of articles, photographs, and multimedia materials documenting the history of education-based athletics in Southern California.

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The Center for Research Libraries selects TIND Digital Archive

Released August 25, 2023

Chicago, IL and Oslo, Norway – August 25, 2023. The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) has selected TIND Digital Archive to transfer and host its vast digital collection of more than 40 million files. By moving to TIND DA's robust and scalable platform, CRL seeks to improve the discoverability and long-term preservation of these materials. Migrating from a locally created system, CRL highlighted TIND’s user-friendly interface and the ability to handle batch operations as key reasons for their decision.

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UN Human Rights goes live on TIND Institutional Repository

Released August 18, 2023

Geneva, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway – August 18, 2023. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN Human Rights) has gone live on TIND IR. This collaboration aims to create a worldwide database of academic publications, UN documents, reports, and other resources on the impact of unilateral sanctions on human rights. The repository leverages TIND IR's comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface to ensure this vital collection is widely discoverable.

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Oregon Health & Science University has gone live on TIND DA and TIND IR

Released July 07, 2023

Portland, OR, and Oslo, Norway – July 7, 2023. Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), a renowned public research university and medical center committed to research, education, and patient care, has successfully migrated from Samvera to the TIND Digital Archive (TIND DA) and TIND Institutional Repository (TIND IR) solutions. In selecting TIND DA and IR, OHSU continues its commitment to optimizing digital asset management workflows and enabling open access to scholarly works now in a shared platform.

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UN Human Rights Selects TIND Institutional Repository

Released June 23, 2023

Geneva, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway – June 10, 2023. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN Human Rights) has selected TIND IR. The repository platform is implemented by the ​​Special Rapporteur on unilateral coercive measures to serve as a global resource for data collection and research. TIND IRs comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface will ensure wide discoverability of the repository's extensive collection, allowing users to seamlessly submit and access relevant research.

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development goes live on TIND ILS

Released June 15, 2023

Rome, Italy and Oslo, Norway – June 10, 2023The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations, has successfully migrated to TIND ILS. Previously operating on Virtua by Innovative Interfaces, IFAD sought a modern and user-friendly system. With a successful transition to TIND ILS, IFAD is equipping its library with modern technology to streamline workflows and better serve its mission of rural development.

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