Press Releases

San Francisco Public Library Selects TIND Digital Archive

Released June 21, 2024

San Francisco, CA and Oslo, Norway - June 21, 2024. The San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) has selected TIND Digital Archive (TIND DA) to preserve and showcase their digital collections, including over 50.000 photographs, manuscripts and oral histories. SFPL is migrating from Islandora to TIND DA because of its robust digital preservation features, efficient metadata management and user-friendly interface.

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The University of Georgia Selects TIND IR and TIND RDM

Released June 07, 2024

Athens, GA and Oslo, Norway, June 7. The University of Georgia (UGA) has selected TIND IR and TIND RDM as its new institutional and research data repository. Supporting FAIR data-sharing practices and emerging federal funding agency requirements are key reasons for selecting the TIND IR and RDM combo. UGA is transitioning from ExLibris Esploro.

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Rhode Island College selects TIND DA and TIND IR

Released May 31, 2024

Providence, RI and Oslo, Norway, May 30. Rhode Island College has selected TIND Institutional Repository (TIND IR) and TIND Digital Archive (TIND DA) for an enhanced user experience and increased accessibility of their digital content. Migrating from BePress Digital Commons, the college will unify their digital archive and institutional repository on a single platform, providing streamlined workflows, simplifying metadata management, and improving accessibility and discoverability for their collections.

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The World Intellectual Property Organization has selected TIND RDM

Released May 24, 2024

Geneva, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway, May 23. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has selected TIND RDM to integrate with its TIND DA and TIND ILS Install. High-quality submission forms, flexible metadata schema, and the ability to create relations between datasets and publications were important factors in the selection. Lise McLeod, Head of the WIPO Knowledge Center, states that adding TIND RDM will allow them to diversify and increase access to their collection, making the datasets more discoverable and accessible to users worldwide.

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UNC Charlotte Selects TIND Digital Archive and TIND Institutional Repository

Released May 10, 2024

Charlotte, NC and Oslo, Norway, May 10. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has selected TIND DA and TIND IR to enhance the preservation and accessibility of their scholarly and historical resources. Transitioning from their current platform, Islandora, UNC Charlotte chose TIND for its robust infrastructure for digital preservation and friendly user interface. 

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The NAV Library goes live on TIND ILS, TIND IR and TIND DA, migrates from Alma

Released April 26, 2024

Oslo, Norway - April 26, 2024. The Library at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) has implemented TIND ILS as its new library system and successfully migrated from Ex Libris Alma. The library has also implemented TIND IR to manage a growing collection of born-digital material and TIND DA to manage their digitized collections. "TIND is a significantly less complex system than Alma and is a much better fit for smaller libraries like ours”, says Marte Salvesen and Cathrine Fjeldstad, librarians at NAV.

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Florida International University selects TIND Digital Archive

Released April 19, 2024

Miami, FL, and Oslo, Norway – April 19, 2024. Florida International University (FIU) has selected TIND Digital Archive as its new digital library platform. Moving to TIND DA's flexible and scalable platform will provide discoverability and long-term access to FIU's ever growing digital collections. In transitioning from a locally hosted open-source system, FIU emphasized TIND's robust infrastructure, ongoing development, and accessible APIs as pivotal factors influencing their decision.

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Phillips Exeter Academy Selects TIND Digital Archive

Released March 22, 2024

Exeter, NH, and Oslo, Norway – March 22, 2024. Phillips Exeter Academy, a renowned U.S. preparatory school, has selected TIND Digital Archive (TIND DA). This partnership marks an important step in the school's efforts to organize, preserve, and make accessible its extensive collection of historical photos, videos, and correspondence while also providing a user-friendly browsing experience for its patrons. 

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The University of Southern Indiana selects TIND Digital Archive to host their digital collections

Released March 19, 2024

Oslo, Norway – March 14, 2024. The University of Southern Indiana has selected TIND DA, adding their third TIND product in three years. TIND DA will be integrated into their existing TIND ILS and TIND IR install, further improving discoverability and accessibility to their collections. “Moving our ILS, IR, and DA to a single platform makes perfect sense for both library operations and for the end users.", says Becca Neel, Associate Director for Resource Management & UX. USI will migrate from CONTENTdm.

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MUNCH velger TIND ILS som sitt nye biblioteksystem

Released March 05, 2024

Oslo, Norway – March 4, 2024. MUNCHs forskningsbibliotek har valgt TIND ILS som sitt nye biblioteksystem. “Vi ser frem til å tilby en mer brukervennlig og tidsriktig søkeside for brukerne våre og å få et arbeidsverktøy som gjør biblioteket i bedre i stand til å tilgjengeliggjøre et fullstendig og aktuelt materiale om Edvard Munch.” sier Marthe Samuelsen, Spesialbibliotekar ved MUNCHs bibliotek.

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