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TIND 1.6 is released: acquisitions, serials, elasticsearch

Released August 31, 2018

Oslo, Norway – August 31, 2018TIND has released version 1.6 to all customers. Major highlights include the deployment of acquisitions and serials functionality to all TIND ILS customers. TIND 1.6 also includes Elasticsearch as the default search engine, allowing for fast and scalable search across tens of millions of records and files.


A brand new acquisitions and serials module has been developed in partnership UC Berkeley Law Library. The module includes features such as workflows for creating/processing orders and creating/paying invoices. The system now supports order, invoice, vendor, fund, holding and serial records.

Furthermore, workflows are available for creating/processing orders and creating/paying invoices. Other highlights include a advanced statistics and reporting, realtime acquisitions integration with GOBI, and APIs for integration with ERP/financial systems. Lastly, the system now supports serial prediction, receiving and routing workflows.

Another major upgrade for TIND customers is the deployment of Elasticsearch as the default search engine. Due to this technology upgrade, TIND customers can enjoy new features such as facets, improved relevancy, faster indexing and faster search. In addition, this upgrade allows TIND to scale its solution to tens of millions of records and files.

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TIND is an official CERN spin-off providing library management systems, digital preservation- and research data management solutions based on CERN open source software (Invenio). More info at

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